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Outline & Notes vlog post

0:00 - Morning 1:17 - Mantra 5:22 - Deep Work Session 1 8:07 - Social media and guitar 9:53 - Exercise 13:03 - Shower 16:48 - Deep Work Session 2 19:30 - Eating 25:03 - Shallow Work Session 28:21 - Reading

0:00 - Morning

Sleep = 6-8h/night

30 min. power nap during the day.

Lex sometimes does sprints, pulling all-nighters.

Sleep. Diet. Exercise. --- the essentials for productivity

Add passion and whatever else you need to do be happy and keep your stress levels low.

1:17 - Mantra

Lex has a list containing all of this:

  1. Rules & constrains

  2. Gratitude

  3. Long-term goals

  4. Short-term goals

  5. Visualize the day

  6. Core principles

  7. Rules & constrains

Example: social media

He only checks social media when he posts content. No more than 10 minutes. Very important to control. You can also remove yourself from SM entirely. This really brings him joy.

He makes sure he exercises every single day.

He has a strict diet that he follows. Keto. But he also makes sure to balance things out and eat food he enjoys as well.

This is the first part of the mantra.

  1. Gratitude

Visualize and meditate on the idea that he might die today.

Mostly just breathing in and out. Then pause. Life is amazing.

  1. Long-term goals

Ambitions, big goals that he would like to achieve in the next 5 years.

He does this out loud.

  1. Short-term goals

By the end of 2020 I want to do X.

These might be sometimes out of reach, but achievable.

If I really work my butt off, then this is really possible. Let's get to work.

  1. Visualize the day

He literally tries to visualize himself going through the day.

Think about a game of Sims you are playing and moving your characters on fast-forward.

Both the struggles and focusing on the timing and the beat of the day.

  1. Core principles

5:22 - Deep Work Session 1

4 hour session of deep work.

No interruptions.

If an idea tries to derail him, he fights it and leaves it aside for later processing. Ideas will always keep coming.

Interruptions allowed: water, coffee, bathroom

Tries to limit those as much as he can. Ideal: 1

He uses an autonomous standing desk.

Sometimes he sits, sometimes he stands.

Doesn't wear a suit at home.


Drained but happy at the end of the session.

8:07 - Social media and guitar

Posts podcast.

Checks comments from the previous day.

The whole experience should be under 10 minutes.

20 minutes guitar and piano session.

Music in general.

Every single day.

9:53 - Exercise

1-2 hours of suffering AKA exercise.

Long run.

Listens to brown noise while he runs.

2-3 miles into the run ---> switches to an audiobook

Currently listening to a book called Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

If you do not study history, you are doomed to repeat it.

Current exercise routine

This takes about 1 hour.

After that he does a session of body-weight exercises.

Now he does the David Goggings inspired Nickel And Dime Workout.

5 pull-ups & 10 push-ups every minute

Does 15-20 minutes of that.

Hard on the mind, body, but good for the soul.

He also does fasting. 14-16 hours.

Loves to exercise while fasting.

This is a personal preference. Everybody is different. Never forget that.

13:03 - Shower

Cold shower for the first minute.

Plays a 1-minute long song to support the grind.

During the shower he thinks about what the next step he should focus on his second deep work session.

16:48 - Deep Work Session 2

Another 4-hour session where he continues a particular task, focused for 4 hours straight.

Focus on being present.

If things do not seem to work. Stay in there. It will come.

Some minutes are rough, and the rest are full of bliss.

19:30 - Eating

He usually eats 2 times per day.

He does fasting 14-16 hours.

He is currently on Keto diet.

'Suits' his current situation.

He eats meat and vegetables.

break the fast with "Athletic Greens"

About 2 pounds of meat, 1800-2000 calories per meal.

Grass Fed Ground Beef as an example.

Cauliflower for veggies.

Goes crazy with the carrots sometimes. Party vegetable.


Sodium pills. 1000 mg in pill form.

Potassium pills.

Magnesium glycinate.

Fish oil.

First 2 days of Keto brought him headaches.

Listen to your body. This is not medical advice.

25:03 - Shallow Work Session

4-hour session of relaxed work.

E-mail check 3 times per day tops.

Video editing.

Website design.

Hang out with friends.

Opens terminal.

IF girlfriend THEN girlfriend time.

No girlfriend yet. Where are you BTW?

Throws in some documentaries, Netflix. He is human.

Few distractions. Few breaks.

A big fan of a random adventure.

28:21 - Reading

2+ hours of reading.

1 hour = scientific paper 1+ of literature (fiction/non-fiction)

Every single day he reads at least 1 paper. He is currently reading GPT-3 related papers. He thinks deeply while reading.

What are the deep questions to ask?

1+ of literature (fiction/non-fiction)

Right now he is reading the major novels of Dostoyevsky.

Does this on the desk or on the bed.

After the reading session he takes a pause and does the part of the mantra he did in the morning.



Thank you for reading!

*Please note that these are some quick notes I took out of Lex's video essay. You should watch the full video for additional golden nuggets and the extended version of each idea!

Lex, if you are reading this, thank you for helping me upgrade my world views. I really appreciate what you do.

You inspired me to take a more systemic approach while working on my YouTube channel (Robert Blanc) and on my personal research as well.


Currently trying to combine and produce more videos on mental models, productivity, less confusion and futuristic scenarios.

Thank you and have a great day ahead!