Huberman Lab Podcast 多巴胺--专注和动力之源


  1. two dopamine-controlled circuits: one for movement, one for motivation/craving/pleasure
    1. Locally synaptic release and spatially volumetric release, which contribute to baseline and peak dopamine feedback respectively. And because if the volumetric release, dopamine has a profound influence upon our brain, sometimes can affect gene expression
  2. The difference between baseline and peak dopamine level matters more dopamine and epinephrin are closely related. They work out together to make us wanna something more, to feel more excited
  3. chocolate/sex/nicotine/cocaine/amphetamine can increase baseline dopamine, objectively, because these things are chemical substances. While exercise/hard work/diving into something you really like can also increase the dopamine level, subjectively. You gotta be really like certain activities.
  4. sinister side of dopamine: understanding pleasure pain balance. Constant big dopamine spikes may lead to a more severe dopamine baseline drop, depleting the energy and motivation from us, and making us don't wanna do anything at all.
  5. Intermittent reward schedule application. Do not celebrate every win to much. Do not combine all the exogenous stimuli that will increase your dopamine peak when engaging the activity you want to do. Sometimes you need to flatten the peaks and this will precisely lead to a constant motivation during a long period of time. Intermittent Dopamine Fasting
  6. Cold exposure: a method to increase a sustained dopamine and epinephrine release. "The effort part is the good part" attitude rather than "the end goal reward is the good part" . Don't spike the dopamine prior to engaging in effort and don't spike dopamine after engaging in effort. Learn to access dopamine from effort itself.
  7. i-tyrosine and mucuna pruriens can serve as nonpharmaceutical supplement to increase dopamine. PEA also works
  8. Oxytocin release by close social connections could stimulate the dopamine pathway. So engage healthy close meaningful social interactions.